Tips to Keep Your Limestone Fireplace In Pristine Condition

Installed a limestone fireplace recently? If yes, you must be excited to maintain its actual condition and keeping it clean always. Well, no need to tell that it is necessary too. A fireplace is a valuable investment that along with providing you the warmth, also adds to the aesthetics of your house. However, it is not something you can think about replacing again and again. And when it is about the fireplace surrounds made of the marble, which is known for their durability and the feature of weathering with the time, you even won’t think of replacing them.

Limestone Fireplace1


A surprising thing about these fireplaces is that you can maintain their beauty and make them look new for years. What you need to do is follow the simple steps given below.

  • Wipe off the dust before applying any cleaning solution

As the particles can stick to the limestone surface, you must remove the dust and debris before wetting the surface with any liquid. Vacuuming the limestone surface is also not recommended as the hard attachments can scratch the surface. You can use a microfiber or a cotton-based cloth for dusting.

  • Choose cleaning supplies carefully

Though regular cleaning is important but choosing the right cleaning supplies is more important than that. As limestone is vulnerable to scratches and discoloration, you must avoid the following:

Paper towels: These can cause scratches on the limestone surface. The chances of scratches are more if the surface is unpolished.

Steel wool: Never use this as it can ruin the surface of limestone fireplace. You can use the soft-bristled toothbrushes for removing the stubborn stains.

Specially formulated kitchen solutions: These chemicals can react with the surface and can lead to discoloration.

  • Ensure thorough cleaning

In the case there are stains on the limestone surface, clean it with a mixture of lukewarm water and dishwater soap. Repeatedly wipe the surface until the stains are removed and dry the surface with a terrycloth towel.


  • Use poultice to remove fresh stains

A poultice can easily absorb the staining chemicals without causing any damage to the surface. Add few pinches of baking soda to distilled water and wet the poultice with this mixture. You can place and leave the wet poultice overnight on the stain.

  • Apply sealants on regular basis

The sealants protect the fireplace surface from the smoke and soot along with ensuring protection from the stains and scratches. Usually, it is recommended to apply the sealant in two coats for the enhanced protection. And the second coat should be applied only after the first coat gets completely dry.

Never do experiments while cleaning your limestone fireplaces. In the case, you are unsure of what to use and what not on the fireplace surrounds, you can seek help from the manufacturer you have bought it from or can consult a professional company delivering cleaning and maintenance services for the fireplaces surrounds, to ensure proper cleaning.



Limestone Fireplace: A Perfect Choice to Compliment Your House Interiors

There is no doubt that the authentic fireplaces add charm, beauty and style to the property interiors, regardless the properties are traditional or the modern ones. And the contemporary limestone fireplaces add a stunning focal point to your house interior along with bringing warmth in the ambiance. Though limestone has been used to carve the fire surrounds for centuries, it is getting unparalleled prominence nowadays.

If you are thinking that why limestone is getting that much popularity, let’s make you know that it is the emphasis on the architectural forms which makes it the top choice for the people. Here are some other reasons behind the popularity of the limestone for making fireplaces

Benefits of limestone fireplaces

Aesthetics- The biggest benefit of using marble is the addition to aesthetics that it makes. It offers an eye-catching appearance to the fireplace and gives a different look to your interiors.

Superior quality-  Limestone has an amazing feature of weathering at the time. It gets more beautiful as it becomes older. Also, it ensures attractive looks for the years to come.

Individual looks –If you are looking to making a statement by using something different and elegant, you must choose limestone fireplace. When crafted according to your unique requirements, it ensures that no other person would be having the same design.

Long lasting –Whether you are concerned about the quality of the material or the design of your fireplace, let’s make you sure that both are long lasting. The strength of the material makes it a worthy investment for the future and the design is going to remain there for the years to come.

The blend of the limestone and the modern design creates an amazing fusion. Such limestone fireplaces compliment all types of room decors. However, if you are searching the stunning fireplaces designed using limestone, you can check the fireplace surrounds offered by Southern Stone Crafters LLC. They have specialization in the limestone products and guarantee great strength and superior quality for their entire product range. To have a look at their fireplace designs and other products, you can visit

Cast Stone Columns

Cast Stone Columns and Limestone Fireplace

a great combination for getting an Elegant and Warm Look Creating a unique look with cast stone columns and limestone fireplace also goes hand in hand with getting high-quality services and products. Cast stone is made from a mixture of crushed natural stone, cement, sand, and fiber reinforcing. Using a color in the cement, one can get a vivid range of colors from standard gray to earthy w reds, browns, whites to beiges. One can get a combination elegance, aesthete attics, s and robustness that last long. The various product characteristics of cast stone include that it is thaw resistant and has the strength of more than 4800psi and can e colored as per the needs of the customers. When used with the right type of elements, there can be significant saving in the installation of cast stone columns.
Similar to the cast stone is the versatile lime stone. Limestone allows one to work on a whole lot of different designs, themes, and styles. However it can be reserved for various subtle styles. It can render a warm, soft and warm look. Thus, it can add a value to understand and elegant rooms. For this purpose, limestone fireplaces are considered as an important asset. Moreover, the limestone fireplaces can also act as a complement well with wooden furniture. Limestone can be carved into a modern and smooth look while some of the people may like to give their space additional look with intricate carvings. Limestone will serve your purpose well in the case, you prefer a rustic look. One can look into the stacked limestone from a hand crafted feel. The limestone fireplaces require natural sealant to keep them looking fresh and clean. This is because the soft limestone is a natural absorbent. The best part about limestone for places is that they are quite easy to clean. One needs to use just some fresh warm water to wipe them clean. Limestone is a durable and inexpensive option that provides great versatility in its use.
One can find a great variety of cast stone columns and limestone fireplace at the affordable process at Southern Stone Crafters. Visit their website to find the best range of products.